Gold Line Autocashier - Car Wash

Gold Line Autocashier - Car Wash

Gold Line Autocashier - Car Wash
Gold Line Autocashier - Car Wash
Gold Line Autocashier - Car Wash
Gold Line Autocashier - Car Wash
Gold Line Autocashier - Car Wash
Gold Line Autocashier - Car Wash

The Gold Line Autocashier is among the most dependable, durable, and most reliable entry systems on the market today.


The Gold Line Autocashier utilizes a backlit LCD display and voice prompts to guide customers through the wash process and can be enabled to encourage the purchase of upgraded wash packages. This means more money for your bottom line.

Payment Options

The Gold Line Autocashier accepts bills, quarters, tokens, coupon codes, and credit cards.  When used with a Hamilton XE validator, accepts Hamilton’s Tokenotes®. Tokenotes® can be valued from 0.25 to $300.

Coupon Codes are great for community promotions. Place an ad in the local newspaper with a code that offers a discount on either a specific wash or all of the wash packages. Keep track of which promotions are bringing you the most return for your advertising dollars.

Credit Card Acceptance

Research shows that customers spend more money when they use their credit cards. The thermal receipt printer can be used to provide a receipt for the customers purchase or to print an audit report at the Gold Line Autocashier. 

Data Access Network (DAN)

When utilizing the DAN, your credit card transactions go from 30 second authorizations over a phone line to 3 to 5 seconds on a dsl or cable line over the Internet. 

The Gold Line Autocashier with the DAN becomes an excellent marketing tool when using Hamilton’s Customer Value Cards. Customer Value Cards are a perfect way to promote and market your car wash and increase customer loyalty.
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The DAN also allows you to program up to 7 time sensitive pricing events.  This feature gives the Autocashier the ability to automatically change the wash prices, coupon values, welcome prompts, and external display messages based on the time of day and day of the week. More information regarding the DAN is included on the Gold Line Auto Cashier brochure.

Audit Pro Handheld Programmer

New owners of Hamilton equipment with dial up credit card acceptance will need this Handheld Programmer for setting up their credit card equipment.

Existing owners who already have a Handheld Programmer will not need to order a new one.

The Gold Line Autocashier Eight Function

The GL-8 offers the wash owner the opportunity to create more wash packages with better profit margins. When used with a standard roll-over automatic, and dryer, wash owners can promote 4 packages at basic wash prices and then add $1 to each package with dryer.

Combo AutomaticsWash owners can use the GL-8 to offer 4 touch free wash packages, and 4 soft-cloth packages, or use 1 or 2 options for combination packages. 

POS Systems – HCS 3 or HCS 4

The Hamilton Code Systems allow you to sell car washes from the gas pump or the convenience store.  The HCS 3 is designed for an application where the store, gas pumps and car wash are all at the same location. 

The HCS 4 allows remote sales of car wash codes.  Sell wash codes from up to 10 locations via a remote POS, to be redeemed at one car wash location, with up to 4 remote pay-at-the-pump locations.

We also offer the POS 4000 which is comparable to the HCS 3.
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Optional Displays

The Brick Mount Scrolling Display and the Stainless Steel Hood with Scrolling Display are great for getting the customers attention with large bright red letters. They can be programmed to match the display on the Gold Line Autocashier or to scroll a different message altogether.

The Lighted Stainless Steel “Pay Here” Hood is most often used in a convenience store environment when the Gold Line Autocashier is mounted on a stainless steel base. This gives the machine a clean, professional look. The lighted display gets the customers attention and provides light for the Gold Line Autocashier after dark.
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Optional Portable Handheld Thermal Printer

The handheld thermal printer is available for use with machines that do not have the optional receipt printer. This printer allows the owner or attendant to take the printer to any ACW 4, 5 or the Gold Line Autocashier and print the audit report at the machine.


Stainless Steel

For use when not using a brick kiosk for the Gold Line Autocashier.  Hamilton offers a 20” and 26” inch tall base. The 20” base is used when the equipment is being mounted on a raised curb. The 26” is for use when installation is on the ground surface.


For use when using a brick kiosk for the Gold Line.  Hamilton offers both 20” and 26” pedestal bases. Pedestal bases are made of carbon steel and should not be used for open air mounting of the Gold Line Autocashier.


•Hamilton XE Validator (with Tokenote® acceptance)
•1000 Bill Stacker (with Hamilton XE Validator)
•Cabinet 11 Gauge Stainless Steel
•Door 11 Gauge Stainless Steel
•2 Heavy Duty Medeco® Plug Locks
•Accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 U.S. Bill Denominations
•Code Coupons - up to 24
•2 Slugbuster® Coin Acceptors
•Accepts Quarters, Tokens, or Golden Dollar Coins
•Maximum Capacity, 3,200 Quarters
•4 Wash Selection Buttons
Backlit Instructional LCD Display
•Automated Voice Announcements
Easy Programming Through The Wash Selection Buttons
•Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
•Weight: 205 lbs/93.0 kg (approximate)


Coinco®, Mars®, Cashcode® Validators
Hamilton Tokenotes®, with Hamilton XE Validator
Customer Value Cards, with DAN System
IDX® Coin Acceptors - for multiple coin type acceptance
Microcoin Acceptor (Australia)
Credit Card Acceptance –
 Dial Up or High Speed Internet with DAN System
 (card reader angle kit, standard with credit card acceptance)
Thermal Receipt Printer
▪8 Wash Selection Buttons
•5.7" Graphic Display
Point of Sale (POS) Code Systems with Pay-at-Pump
 (Onsite or Remote Solutions)
Lighted Stainless Steel Hood Assembly
Interactive Scrolling Display, Hood or Brick Mount
Stainless Steel Rectangular Base 20” or 26”
Carbon Steel Pedestal Base 20” or 26”
Custom Voice Announcements
Portable Handheld Thermal Printer
▪Audit Pro Hand Held Remote
 (needed for credit card setup) 

Cabinet Size:

27 1/2" H x 21 3/4" W x 11 7/8" D

69.9 cm H x 55.2 cm W x 30.2 cm D

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